Established in 1850

The Society of California Pioneers is a not-for-profit museum, library and cultural organization dedicated to advancing the knowledge and appreciation of early California history for the benefit of present and future audiences of all ages.

We encourage the public to use critical thinking skills to actively engage with and address contemporary issues and to value history for its relevance to modern life.

"Studying history means thinking critically about the world and our place in it. It involves evaluating many different perspectives and figuring out how past events affect our lives today. By studying history, we build critical thinking skills that apply to all aspects of our lives – and we develop a deeper understanding of our society and how it came to be.

Focusing on critical thinking helps people recognize the value of grappling with different perspectives and understandings of the past. It helps us see that history can be rigorous and grounded while admitting discussion of different ideas and reconsideration of old understandings."

— Making History Matter: From Abstract Truth to Critical Engagement (2022) —

Our Museum is Open & FREE to the Public Wednesday - Friday • 10 AM to 2 PM