2022 Staff & Board of Directors


Mercedes Moore Devine

Executive Director
E-MAIL | 415-957-1849 ext. 150

Hailee VanHorn

Assistant to the Director
E-MAIL | 415-957-1849 ext. 160

John Hogan

Exhibitions & Public Programs
E-MAIL | 415-957-1849 ext. 120

Lauren Menzies

Collections Manager
E-MAIL | 415-957-1849 ext. 140

Lorna Buehler


Board of Directors


Nicholas Scales


Sheila Kelly


David P. Beach
Robert H. Brant
Robert P. Cabrera
Marianne Quarré Dean
Erin Doyle Ebeling
George Freeborn
Louise Escher Harris

Directors cont.

Gabrielle D. Keil
Russell D. Keil, Jr.
Andrew F. Kerr
Frances G. Levy
Michael Moore McComish
Thomas O. McLaughlin, MD
Bruce L. McPherson
Peter L. Muhs
Andrew Neubauer
Lisa Saveri
Wallace Sheehan, Jr.
Kenneth G. Winans

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